Dear All, the JeSuisArmenien group has been created right before 24 April 2015 in order to unite Armenians and Non Armenians on all social media by sharing a common profile picture on 24 April 2015 which was the centenary of the Armenian Genocide.

The image was generously offered by Joachim Roncin the father of the "Je Suis Charlie" slogan and image shared by millions of French and international people after the January terrifying attacks in Paris. Je Suis Armenien just means that we are all Armenians, universally united and connected against injustice, denial and negationism.

After two weeks this group gathered more than 8,000 people and still goes on. The purpose of our group is 1. to raise awareness on the Armenian Genocide and 2. to unite Armenians and non Armenians.

This group is a meeting point for people from more than 30 countries and all languages are welcomed to participate. You can post and comment in any language you may deem appropriate (to reach more people we would suggest the use of English or French).

Please note that our image and our message is not targeted to show Armenian pride but instead intends to gather a community of minds around a simple concept: recognition of the Armenian genocide of 1915 is a matter for us all, negationism and denial is a moral wound and the repetition of a crime. For this reason, our group is opened to all and we warmly welcome non Armenians in our fight for the recognition of a crime against humanity. I Am Armenian, independently of any religion, belief, nationality, group, political party, age, sex and or link to the Armenian community whatsoever.

Our only rules are: 1. please respect the purpose of this group (and avoid self promotion or non related commercial activities) and 2. do not use offensive language, do not insult anyone for any reason whatsoever.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Cher tous, notre image et notre message n'est pas d'affirmer la fierté d'être arménien mais vise à réunir une même communauté de pensée autour d'une idée simple : la reconnaissance du génocide arménien de 1915 nous concerne tous, le négationnisme est une plaie morale et la répétition juridique d'un crime, message que nous véhiculons par une image. C'est pour cette raison que ce groupe est spécifiquement ouvert aux non arméniens et ne met pas d'accent nationaliste sur la question de la reconnaissance d'un crime contre l'humanité. Je suis arménien, quelle que soit ma religion, ma croyance, ma nationalité, mon groupe, mon parti, mon age, mon sexe et mon lien avec la communauté. Merci pour votre soutien.