Jesus Christ is God

Welcome Members To Our Group!!! :)

This group, “Jesus Christ is God”, is dedicated to the innermost knowledge of our Almighty God and what He asks from us so that we may be saved by Him from eternal damnation.

The creators of the group boldly proclaim that Jesus Christ is God! Therefore, friendly dialogues and debates are expected and encouraged between members of all faiths including all the Islamic, all the Christians, and the Judaic among other faiths regarding the deity of Jesus Christ as found in the Bible. Other distinguished names of people of great importance found in the scriptures are also to be discussed in relation to Jesus Christ as God. For example, the historic people of these faiths: prophets, apostles, followers, etc.

All members should share their understanding of the topics using the respective scriptures of their faith whether it is the Bible, Torah, Quran, Hadiths and others. In addition, please use historical, scientific, and news of our times which are essential ingredients of facts that can prove the claims of our beliefs. On the contrary, our opinions might not be valued by other members if they are not backed up by these facts.
We are all welcomed to challenge each other with the truths of our faiths whether we belong to one faith or another. May the Truth of the God Almighty illuminate our thoughts, hearts, and ways in this world.


Please let us keep our posts and comments confined to the main topic of the group which is the deity of Jesus Christ and all He has done for us as well as all related pros and cons we may have related to that statement. Bring this challenge to us when you share in the group. For this reason, please let us refrain from posting and commenting on irrelevant topics, including politics not related to God. Also, obscene words, pictures and videos will be deleted without warning. Spamming or overwhelming the page may get the extra spams deleted without warning and the spammer warned to take it slow.

We all look forward to learning and enjoying each other’s membership in this group. For this reason, please avoid foul language, personal insults, name calling or degrading anyone regardless of their race, color, country or religion. Please represent your beliefs to the highest expectation of your God. So, accordingly, let’s treat each other with dignity because God will call us to account for all our words shared in this group with fellow members regardless of our many human differences.

If all the requests above fail, members may be advised, especially by administrators, to edit their posts and messages for questionable content or their posts and comments will be deleted. Also, members may be asked to stop the offensive behavior, and warnings of removal of the member from the group may be given to him/her if everything else fails. Member will be removed after being warned and no compliance is found.

Absolutely, do not block any of the administrators. If you do, you will be asked to unblock them at once. And if you fail to comply with the hails to unblock them in a timely manner, you will be banned from the group. Blocking of all of the administrators altogether will get you removed and banned without giving you any chances to unblock.


Thanks to all in advance for your kind contribution to this group. And may God Almighty bless you and let you feel His love that He has shown to all by His heroic actions through the millennia :)

Dear members just as a reminder and an addendum, all the rules apply to all the members in the group including the Admins. Even Admins are not allowed to use derogative words, terms, and name-calling with any members to prevent abuse of the members. Please Do Not use words that belittle any member including the Muslims, the Christians, Jew, Atheist or any other member of the group. You already know the words that belittle other members. Those are the words that you don’t want others to call you. We don’t even want to mention those words here.

The rules are clear but if you brush them off and continue to abuse in public, you will be called to apologize in public regardless of your favorable standing in the group. You will not be removed from the group without first giving you a warning in public that you are facing removal by not correcting the hurt you created by breaking the rules. You also will have to agree to adhere to the rules always after being warned. NO ONE IS EXCEPTED including the Admins.