Jim Again - 2015!! Help Re-elect Royal Oak Mayor Jim Ellison

It's another mayoral election year in Royal Oak and we're asking you to once again support Jim Ellison in his bid for re-election!

Jim has been an advocate - as well as a foot soldier - for welcoming visitors and embracing progressive, diverse development while retaining the friendly, hometown feel of Royal Oak and her broad range of residents and lifestyles.

A fiscal pragmatist, Jim understands when you need to spend a buck to make a buck and when you need to tighten your belt and make due with what you currently have.

Never one to walk away from a difficult discussion, Jim is always willing to listen to both sides of an issue, research, discuss and debate as needed, and work towards an equitable, practical consensus.

Socially, Jim believes that citizens of a community should reach out to help that community whenever possible. Whether out front leading the charge, in the middle of the throng or behind the scenes, Jim is actively involved in keeping Royal Oak at the leading edge of Michigan communities.

Always visible, always vigilant, always singing the praises of his hometown - while honestly addressing her issues - Jim lives his commitment every day.

There is no wrong way to help in Jim's bid for re-election: hosting fundraisers, providing financial support, collecting signatures, knocking on doors, distributing literature, spreading the word...all are necessary and all are greatly appreciated.

Feel free to address your issues and concerns here. Offer your thoughts and insights. Open a spirited, enthusiastic dialogue and invite all your friends to join in too!

Remember, you must be registered to vote in Royal Oak to sign the petition or vote for the man; you only need to believe in the cause to help out!