Jobs Illawarra

Please add people you know that are looking for work or people/companies who are offering work within the Illawarra, NSW, Australia area.

If you are posting a job:
Please provide details on the job you are offering.
Do not say inbox for more information as this waste people time. Posts will be deleted if they do not mention what the job is.
MUST list any licenses, certificates and/or insurance needed for the job.

If you are looking for a job or offering your services:
Write in your what sort of work you are looking for.
Previous Experience (if any)
MUST list any licenses, certificates and/or insurance that you have that are relevant for the job you are looking for.

Posting work can be anything from a lawn to be mowed, labouring work, maybe people can even help each other out by doing something for each other!!! like trading... I will come tile your bathroom for exchange of you installing my kitchen cupboards or servicing my car.

So advertise what you can do as well as what you need!!! Make a deal and get something done!!! :D

Also it allows consultant work there is another Jobs Illawarra group set up that has no consultant work on it.

Always take care when meeting prospective employers/employees!!!

We don't know everyone on this page and we don't know who you can trust.

We will remove anything the we find inappropriate/offensive and report to Facebook.

Inbox admins if an issue does occur.