Jobs for Sappers

This is a closed site, intended to be used by serving or ex-serving members of the Royal Engineers only, who are either looking for work or are looking to employ ex-RE workers.

If you are looking for work, please feel free to post your Qualifications, the Type of Job you seek and your preferred Job Area or town.
You will find many of the current Jobs Offered and Job Suggestions in the 'Files' box, above, but most will require an extended scroll down the main page.

Employers are invited to 'Create a File' in the 'Files' box, or post it as normal.

If you simply wish to advertise your own business please join the other site I have started: Businesses Owned By Sappers, (the address is at the bottom of this page), and create advertise on there. This will leave this site for 'jobs only', as it is intended.

In this way, we can keep everyones different requirements seperate:
Looking for Work - post here.
Looking for Workers - post here or in the 'Files' box.

If you are 'looking for business' for your own or your families' firm or looking for 'Sapper Owned Businesses', join the 'Businesses Owned by Sappers' site and post there.

Again, please keep this site for what it is intended: Advertising job info...

While JOKES, friendly slagging and 'liking' your best friends' girlfriend's HAPPY SNAPS and the like are all very entertaining, and the posting for various CHARITIES is very commendable, they only send up to date job advertisements etc off the screen.
So, for this reason, if it ain't 'Job' related, it WILL BE DELETED. I am sure you will all understand. :-)

Welcome to all, good luck and keep searching. Stand tall, look up and never give up!

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