Joe McNamee's Real Estate & Marketing Transaction Masters

#1. DO NOT promote products or services that you don't have dozens of successful experience with doing what the P.S. teaches. Contact my staff with your results, we will review them before posting. Please understand there are a lot of scams out there, we intend to help keep this group a little safer from the misleading junk.
#2. Wednesday is Question day. Ask any Q. about Real Estate, Marketing, or Business and I will answer them 1of 4 ways. But keep your question brief (the Reader's Digest version please). 3 or 4 sentences should be enough to ask most questions.
#3. Anyone who brings in 100+ quality members to the group will get a 50% off coupon toward my products and services. Just contact Amanda or Heather to receive your coupon.
#4. I will post a video snippet of 1 of my deals per week. I video record 98% of my real estate & business deals in my office every day.
#5. My wife/friend/and business partner Victoria will periodically hold a raffle with some cool giveaways.
#6. If you have any suggestions/ideas for this group please contact my staff 912-395-8883.
#7. Lets have fun while we help each other grow.