Joplin Vape Club

Joplin Vape Club - A place for local vape enthusiasts or just those that are curious and want to find out about e-cigs.
The goal is to get together to share our hobby with each other and learn from each other.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions. No matter how basic you think it might be. I am sure other people that follow this group have the same questions, but may be to shy to ask! SO DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK!!!

A couple things I would like to note:

1. After much thought and deliberation. We as a group have come to a decision to allow 18+ members only.
Your thoughts on this are still welcome. Please feel free to post a comment. Especially, if you have any ideas about how we can regulate this. However, as a Group we do not promote the Buy, Sale or Trade of anything Vape related to minors (under 18 years of age).

2. We have noticed a lot of members outside the city of Joplin who are very much a part of who we are! We all feel the same way that we are 1 community and family... That being said. I feel it is not fair to everyone to have such an exclusive club name. It is time for change!... Let's come together as a Group and post your ideas.... We will vote on a winner in the near future. So, those that are in outlying communities, this is YOUR chance to provide valuable input....GO (comment your idea now)!
Some names that have been tabled so far...
1. 417 Vape Club
2. Central States Vape Club
3 Midwest Vape Club
4 (post your idea below)

3. Winners of our Vape-Out Contest (Best Build, Best Mod, Biggest Cloud)

Best Mod

1st Place - Matt Graham (Steampunk mod)
2nd Place - Brennon Peterson (Maraxus mod)
3rd Place - Ray Michael Long (M134 mod)

Best Build

1st Place - Phill Emigh
2nd Place (tie) Russell Reynolds and Brennon Peterson
3rd Place - James A Odell


1st Place - Russell Reynolds

4. Last but, by no way not least... A HUGE, HUGE, VERY HUGE THANK YOU to all of our local Vape Shops that are the professional face of our community.
They get questioned by news media, encounter krazy people who wander in yelling at them and undergo a huge amount of stress for all of us each day! If you own or work in a Vape Shop know that we really do appreciate your being a part of our community!

I especially want to thank those stores that are active on our club site and have donated time and prizes to make our Club Events a success!!!
In no particular order:

SWMO Vape Shop

Vapor Kings Joplin

4 State Vapors

Vapor Stop Pittsburg


Thanks to JB's Downtown Joplin (a non-smoking establishment) who went out of the way to accommodate us and allow us to vape and recognizes there is difference!