Just Portraits

All most all the photographers takes portraits. But there are very few numbers of groups where sharing portraits are allowed or appreciated. In this group, we will share portraits captured by us. The group rules will be updated soon. For now the rules are:
1. Each member can post up to two (2) photos a day.
2. No photos can be sexually explicit.
3. Only human portraits are allowed.
4. Anyone found guilty of plagiarism will be immediately banned from the group and never be able to join.
5. You can share your flicker/500px/pixoto or any other links only on the description.
6. You can share links of tutorials on photography (any type).
7. Users found only posting own captures and not visiting the group for a real long time will be blocked from the group.
8. Users found abusing any photographer or the model will be banned from the site.
9. Constructive comments are always welcome.
10. You are requested to like: https://www.fb.com/WeShareJustPortraits
11. Pictures where model is smoking or using some drugs will not be accepted from February 21, 2014 (9:57PM BDT).

Remember: If any person photographed claims removal of his or her photo, admin will remove the photo from the group & fan page without getting any permission from the photographer. But the photographer will be informed of the fact.

শফিউল আলম চৌধূরী created the group on
February 16, 2014 at 22:53