BOSS - Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers
BOSS is a program which supports the overall quality of life for single soldiers, geographical bachelors and single parents. BOSS identifies well being issues and concerns by recommending improvements to the chain of command. The heart of the BOSS program is motivated single soldiers with a strong senior enlisted advisor and guidance from FMWR.

Recreation and Leisure activities may be planned solely by BOSS committee or in conjunction with other FMWR activities. Service members assume the primary role in planning BOSS events and activities. The events should meet the needs and desires of single service members on the installation. BOSS has sponsored events such as talents shows, trips, dances, sporting events and parties.

The BOSS Program participates in many community programs and projects which make a difference in the lives of community members.

BOSS Mission Statement: To enhance the morale and welfare of single soldiers, increase soldier retention, and sustain combat readiness through planned and execution of community service, recreation and leisure events, and identifying well being issues for resolution.

History of BOSS
In 1989, the US Army Community and Family Support Center (USACFSC) and MACOMS were tasked to develop a program to get single soldiers involved in determining their recreation and leisure needs. Implementation of the BOSS program began with single soldiers focus groups. In early workshops, QOL issues emerged along with recreation and leisure needs and were presented to the local command as part of the workshop

In 1991, the Chief of Staff, US Army, formally expanded the BOSS program to include all areas of single soldiers' lives. This change provided single soldiers with opportunity to surface quality of life issues through chain of command. During the evolution of the program, single soldiers indicated a desire to participate in activities related to community support: this interest was adopted as another component of the program.

At the 1995 Army-wide BOSS conference, attendees identified the lack of BOSS guidance and program standardization as one of the top five quality of life issues for single soldiers.

In 2000, the US Army changed Quality of Life to "Soldier's Well Being" which encompasses and expands on the concept of Quality of Life. Well being is defined: The personal- physical, material, mental and spiritual- state of Soldiers, retirees, veterans, civilian employees, and their families that contributes to their preparedness to perform the Army's mission.

Let us know how we're doing. PROVIDE FEEDBACK about the BOSS program at both the Army and installation level.

BOSS - Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers
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