Khalid Alvi Marketing Next

Khalid Alvi Marketing Next brings to you complex marketing concepts in a simple engaging manner. Marketing which surrounds us everyday has been one of the biggest drivers of change in these last few decades. Marketing has changed you, changed me and changed the world. We cannot imagine our lives without the power, glitz and glamour of marketing which has totally changed the way we think, the way we buy, the way we consume and the way we dream. This program in its various modules will help you understand key drivers of marketing and how simple marketing concepts can help build huge successes and growth.
Khalid Alvi Marketing Next is the brain child of Khalid Alvi. Marketing Next is a journey into areas of Marketing with a depth of research and razor sharp insights. Khalid Alvi takes us on many less travelled roads in his own engaging style and shares his expertise and experience to make these complex concepts come alive, become clear and very understandable. Khalid Alvi’s point of view is not just a view of a marketer but a view of an architect who has made a tangible difference in the building and growth of many global mega brands in many parts of the world.
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