KAOS UEA 2013-2014

Society at UEA & Charity (Reg. No. 1118335)

KAOS has two specific aims:
1) To raise awareness of global injustices, with particular focus on the inequalities in health and education of children.
2) To fundraise for student-led projects that are carried out over the summer months and supported by local community initiatives.

All money fundraised is spent to further the aims of the charity, with expenditure centred on sustainable community development projects in developing countries. Educational materials for schools, basic healthcare supplies for rural medical clinics and water-pumps for rural communities are examples of where the money is spent.


2013/2014 Committee Members

* President: Gabrielle Harding

* Vice President: Amy Lloyd

* Secretary: Lauren Christie

* Treasurer: Rachel Corran

* Publicity Officers: Shannon Cassadie &
Jaya Cooper

* Social Secretary: Mirali Patel

* Events co-ordinator: Josephine Kudatsih

* Union Council Rep: Shannon Cassadie

* Equality&Diversity Rep: Josephine Kudatsih

* Project co-ordinator:

* LCR Tickets Rep: Jaya Cooper


KENYA: Students will be volunteering at New Hope Children's Centre, in the Uplands (1 hour north of Nairobi). Their role is to organise fun activities with the children, who are off from school during the summer months, and to assist them in their daily tasks (cleaning, cooking, working in the fields). You will be serving as an older brother or sister to these children, most of whom have endured difficult pasts and would just like affection and friendship. There is also the opportunity to help out at the Marira clinic just down the road.

For all projects, volunteers will be staying in local accommodation and food will also be provided. Accommodation costs vary from project to project, but should not exceed £10/day. The above details are the main aims of each project, but volunteers are encouraged to get involved with any other aspect that they are interested in. All initiatives and ideas are greatly welcome, and volunteers can tailor the projects the way they want, as long as it aims to support the local community and is agreed with by them.

Volunteers are expected to cover the costs of personal expenses (flights, travel insurance, accommodation, travelling, vaccinations).

To sign up to one of these projects, email [email protected] with your full name and contact info.

Any further questions, don't hesitate to email us!
Follow us on twitter at @kaos_uea