KCL Intersectional Feminist Society

KCL Intersectional Feminist Society
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IMPORTANT: if you see something on the page that you wish to bring to a moderator's attention please feel free to email us on the above address or contact a moderator/committee member personally on Facebook. (We are listed below).

We are a society that seeks to create an environment for students to interact with modern feminism as well as be active anti-sexists on campus.

KCL Feminist Society is intersectional, this mean we stand against the oppression of all people regardless of race, biological sex, gender, disability, sexuality, age and class

Intersectionality is the reality that different systems of oppression intermingle. The result of this, for example, is that oppression some women face as women cannot be separated from their race (or sexuality, or class etc).

Resultantly, we ask our members to be mindful of how they participate in facebook discussions. Throughout history men have often dominated women's voices, white voices black, straight voices LGBTQ etc. While we appreciate the work that all kinds of people have done for feminism, we don't want that history to be reproduced here. We therefore ask that members show mutual respect for lived experience.

We ask our members to come in with an open mind and be mindful that in this group everyone should be comfortable sharing ideas. Oppressed groups should not be made to feel this society is not accessible to them.

Upon joining the group, we urge our members to read through the following documents:
- KCL Safe Space policy
- To look through the society's beginners reading list inc. glossary of terms

This way we hope discussion can be both fruitful and something we can learn from!

Warning: though we understand how infuriating the world can be, posting articles from websites designed to troll feminists such as A Voice for Men will be removed without warning. We do not need to give their websites any more traffic and the content is often very upsetting and triggering.


President: Shruti Iyer
Vice President: Rachel Williams
Events Managers: Holly Robinson, Natalie Faber and Zoe Pot
Welfare Officer: Salma Sultana
Publicity Officers: Sophie-Marie Neal and Surya Elango
Treasurer: Nancy Rose
Secretary: Emily Ritchey

Additional moderators:
Megan Hector
Sophie Sophie
Emma Hope Allwood
Anna H Mgn
Lexi Kamen Turner
Heather Robinson
Sophie Marie Neal
Natalie Faber