1. Price and Location:

Please include the name of the item you are advertising, a price and location, (the town / villa

ge where you are located), in the first line of your ad.

Follow this with a brief description of the item.

If advertising items in an album, please edit each pictures description with the details above rather than commenting under each picture.

Video Guide to creating an album :

Any ads not including the above will be removed from the forum without notice.

2. Bumping / Re-posting of Ads:

You are permitted to bump or re-post an item where there has been no activity on the original ad for at least 12 hours and we reserve the right to remove ads which have been bumped inside this time without warning or notice.

Only the member who has placed an ad may bump it.

If you are re-posting an ad, you must ensure that you remove the original ad at the time of placing the new one.

Although there is no limit on the number of times you can bump / re-post an ad, please be realistic about this and consider lowering the amount you are willing to sell an item for if there is no real interest in it having been bumped three times.

If we feel an ad is being bumped excessively and / or has no real hope of attracting interest, there is a chance it will be removed without further warning or notice.

3. Fair Play:

In order to ensure fair play is observed within the group, sellers should look to the responses made on the ad in the first instance rather than those sent to their inbox when determining the order in which people have expressed interest in their item.

We operate a ‘First Past The Post’ system whereby an item should always go to the first person that clearly states on the ad they want it and with the seller confirming on the ad itself that the item has been provisionally sold and who to, as this helps to ensure the selling process is as fair and transparent as possible to all within the group and reduces the likelihood of disputes arising.

If an item is for sale on another selling page, then this MUST be stated in the advert description. There is nothing more frustrating than being first to say you have something only to find out it has been sold on another group.

Where an offer lower than the asking price has been made, the item is still available right up to the point the seller either accepts the offer or someone else states clearly that they will have the item at the current stated price.

Where multiple agreeable offers of the same value have been made, a seller should agree to sell to the first person to make an offer of that value.

Anyone who ignores the above and / or states to contact them direct by way of PM / Inbox, will be banned from the group as it is disrespectful to both the rules and those in the group who stick to them.

4. Abusive / Threatening Behaviour:

Abusive / threatening behaviour, whether seen on the group wall or aimed directly at members off of it, is not tolerated by the group in any way, shape or form and if proven, will result in an instant lifetime ban with no exceptions.

Such behaviour will also be reported to Facebook and / or the authorities where considered to be of a very serious nature.

5. Housekeeping:

It is down to each member to ensure that their ads are removed from the group once an item has sold.

We understand that this is not always the easiest of things to do if you are accessing the group via a phone and will remove posts on your behalf if you mark them ‘ADMIN: Sold – Please Delete’.

However, given the amount of traffic on the group, we may not always spot such ads straightaway, so please bump any such ads that you become aware of to bring them to our attention.

Anyone found to be continually failing to adhere to the above will be at risk of a group ban.

6. Ad Quota:

Each member is permitted to have no more than five individual ads on the group at any one time.

Alternatively, a member is permitted to create one photo album on the group into which they may place as many adverts as they like / the album will hold.

There is now an easy to follow guide on how to create an album on Youtube, so jut follow this link

(This means you can either have the one album OR five individual ads on the wall, not a mixture of the two.)

Links to photo albums elsewhere, be that on Facebook or otherwise, are not permitted.

7. Disputes / Complaints:

Should you have any concerns regarding the conduct of another member or any other aspect of the group, then please contact a member of the KOCB Admin Team and explain these to them, and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note that although we cannot get involved in any disputes you may have with other members, we will try to mediate where possible.

We do not permit the raising of complaints / disputes on the group wall and will ban those who do not respect this without further notice, warning or explanation.

8. Trade Advertising / The Advertising of Other Facebook / Trading Groups:

Trade advertising on the group is not permitted without the express consent of a member of the KOCB Admin Team, (and something only granted in exceptional circumstances), and nor is the advertising and promotion of other trading groups / entities, be they hosted on Facebook or elsewhere.

Please use this link to our advertise on our Trade directory page

9. Prohibited Items:

We do not permit the advertisement of firearms, knives, air weapons, hair and beauty treatments, tattoos / piercings, services (professional or otherwise), pornography, medication of any description, i.e slimming aids/pills, unwanted prescription lotions etc, pets / animals, counterfeit goods. and surveys etc.

Anyone found to be advertising these on the group will find they have been banned from the group without further warning, notice or explanation.

10. Description of Goods:

All goods must be accurately described your ad should include as much relevant information as you can about your item (e.g: the size of a pair of shoes – you will be surprised how many forget to mention something like this).

11. Administrators Decision is Final:

Any decisions meted out by the KOCB Admin Team are final and whilst we are sympathetic should one not go your way, please respect it.

12. External Links:

You are not permitted to post links to adverts on other sites such as eBay - any ads found to contain these will be removed without notice.

13. ROAR:

'Right Of Admission Reserved'. Membership of KOCB is a privilege, not a right.

With that in mind, we reserve the right to accept / decline applications for membership and cancel membership of the group at will and without explanation or notice.

We also, have a minimum age requirement of 16. Any users found to be using the page under that age will be banned with immediate effect.

14. Charity Appeals:

The advertisement of charity appeals is not permitted on Kent Online Car Boot unless permission is otherwise granted by a member of the KOCB Admin Team.

If you wish for us to consider such requests, please contact a member of the KOCB Admin Team, providing them with a brief outline of what the appeal is for and, where requested, evidence of the circumstances / background that has led to it being made.

Anyone advertising such appeals on the group wall without first gaining written permission from a member of the KOCB Admin Team will be banned from using the group with immediate effect.