Kuala Lumpur Business Networking

This is a business networking group for entrepreneurs in Klang Valley, and surrounding areas. Our networking events are open to public. This group is open to all entrepreneurs and professionals from Klang Valley.

The goal of our group is to foster a long-lasting diverse professional network that engages people of culturally diverse backgrounds from a variety of industries. Our group strives to cultivate and grow business through developing relationships, referrals and face to face contact.

We organize Business Networking meetups twice a month; First week of month and Last week of month.

MUST READ - Group Rules:

[ 1 ] No SPAMMING. Anyone caught posting the same post more than once in a week, will be removed from the group.
[ 2 ] Strictly NO business and product promotion. You are allowed to only request what you need e.g. "I'm looking for a web design agency based in PJ". Members are allowed to respond to the posts with links to their businesses.
[ 3 ] You are allowed to promote any entrepreneurship/networking related events or meetups, as long as it's legal.
[ 4 ] NO ILLEGAL BUSINESSES. We do not tolerate any illegal/unethical businesses e.g. Illegal money lending, fake/imitation products, etc.
[ 5 ] Please use only English or Malay so that everyone can understand. Posting in any other language will be deleted. Please respect the community.
[ 6 ] This group is for entrepreneurs based in Klang Valley. Anyone based outside of Klang Valley can be removed without any notice.

If you violate these simple rules repeatedly, you will be removed or eventually banned from the group. Temporarily, all posts will be moderated, but the rules above still apply.