Kulta Maha Sabha (KMS)

Kulta Maha Sabha (KMS) is the association of people belongs to kulta Caste(one of the oldest caste in India), specially the youth. KMS is affiliated to the “Kulta Samaj”, the governing body of kulta caste. It’s also going to be the official site of Kulta Samaj.

The only objective of KMS is to re-unite the Kulta people and promote the Kulta Caste relating to our tradition, customs, culture, important news and other Information. It’s our endeavour to invite the youth people from Kulta Caste to join hands. In the modern dynamic world, the youth can only accomplish impossible tasks. KMS is a common platform where we can share and gain various information about our customs, tradition in general and about the way the Kultas are live in particular.

If you have any concern, feels free to contact us at [email protected] We urge to the people from Kulta, Kulita, Kuilta caste to join hand with KMS and make the mission a great success.

To know more about Kulta Caste and KMS please visit the official home page

Note :
Offensive or antagonistic posts against Sumbalpuri community & Kulita Samaj will not be tolerated. (Also please don't post any nude photo or material in this community)