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A Business Networking Group for Entreprenuers. You are encourage to promote your business activities in this group. You can post your ...
- events
- new products & services
- trainings
- news / breakthroughs
- educate the public about your line of business

State your name, company, product and contacts.

Message from the Creator:
Nowadays, I buy newspapers not so much becoz of the news, but more becoz of the ads. Before flipping each page of the newspaper I would wondered what sales / promotion / offer I might see. What events are going to take place, any new ideas or people to network with, what business or career opportunities ....

I am not sure if you share the same sentiment, I am also a keen reader of the colorful Media Phamphlets/Catalogues that were being droped into my post box. I keep some of them for my office/house future requirements.

Please place your ads/announcements here, together with a short brief, just like what I did. Avoid just by putting the links alone, as people need to be enticed before they are willing to spend a few seconds of their life waiting for the link to download....

Well all these are just an experiment. Who knows what we will get unless we try .... Cheers!

The creator reserve the rights to delete or edit any content posted in this group.