KaRaChi Hai Dil WalouN kA

!!! Members Pay Attention Please !!!
!!!! Rules of Group !!!!!

► Abusing = Remove From Group...
>>>> No Friend Request...

► Misbehave = Remove From Group (Kicked & Banned Permanently )

►Avoid posting same thing again and again....

►Don't Say bad about any Religions, Castes....(Othereise Kicked & Banned Permanently )

>>> Religi0n or politics is n0t allowed here! .... (Othereise Kicked & Banned Permanently )

>>> Advertisements & promoti0ns are n0t
allowed here too! .... (Othereise Kicked & Banned Permanently )

>>> Respect all admins & all memberz in gr0up!

>>> Any disrespectful abusive act (post/c0mment) will be deleted....

>>>>In case of any problem on post..

Mention admins immediately...

Admins are:

Kashif Rehman
M Faizan Riaz
Iqra Moosa
Diyaa Hussain
Palwasha Khan

>>>M Faizan Riaz Is the
Head Admin Of The Group..
This Is the Link Of M faizan Riaz Facebook

ID.... https://www.facebook.com/mfaizan.riaz.5

PLease Save this link everyone...
>>>If u feel that you are kicked or banned without any reason..

PLease Contact to M Faizan Riaz........ Thankyou
>>> Have a nice Time<<<
........... Enjoy In Group ...........