Kajiado County Congress (Lelero E Maa)

KAJIADO COUNTY CONGRESS-LELERO E MAA GROUP DESCRIPTION: Our single most important decision in the short-term as young people and as representatives of our people is put in place a true and transformational leadership in Kajiado County. From Ward reps to the senator and it is our wish that young progressive leaders get elected this time round. Young people should command at least 75% of all elective and non-elective positions. That is our Revolution.

"This is not the time for individuals, or parties, or movements. It's a time for all of us to say just one thing: Maa and God above all."

''A great people rising like a cloud from the East and it is through its young people. All nations and people will marvel at the Greatness of God'', Mokompo Ole Senteu, Maasai Seer.

We are one.

Terms & Conditions of Engagement.

WELLCOME to Kajiado County Congress guidelines: ~ Please Introduce yourself here! Tell us who you are and what you do. Welcome!

You are now part of a fast growing Maasai lobby both on this platform and in the villages from all Kajiado County constituencies, from other Maa Nation areas and from countries all over the world and in all stages of their walk in pursuit of justice, freedom and equity. Our group is intended as a forum for discussing important and priority issues in our county; vision, policy, administrative, operational & development strategy, communial daily struggles and to encourage each other to boldly proclaim the supremacy of our people and community in our homes, villages and workplaces. We encourage celebration of the victories and progress we make and inspire each other to achieve even greater results.

As one family under God, please keep conversations positive and discussions civil so that as Jesus listens in, He will be pleased. Discussion and debate is welcomed so long as it remains on topic, is respectful, civil, non-dogmatic and Issue-based, and we encourage members to use proven facts to support claims and opinions. There are times when other individual perspectives and interpretations of facts may conflict with yours, so for all posting, please keep the three following basics in mind:

- - In essential beliefs we have unity. - Romans 15:5

- - In nonessential beliefs we have liberty. - Galatians 5:1

- - In all our beliefs we show love. - I John 4:7

You can choose to 'follow' or 'not follow' any discussion by simply marking your choice in the discussion’s lead post, we encourage you to do this rather than engage in argument. If you read something on this site that you feel contradicts our stated beliefs or is uncivil, please let the administrator know so that we can address it. Any posts, language or repeated behaviour that goes agianst these tenets will not be welcomed and the administrators will issue a warning to the affected wall members. repeated vialtion despite such warning will result in the administrators taking a decision to either delete such posts or block such a member depending on the severity of the case. God bless you all.