Kamloops Barter Kings

WELCOME to The Kamloops Barter Kings page!

Please take the time to review our RULES prior to posting to alleviate any confusion and to ensure that all members continue to be able to enjoy our groups page!

***All ADMINS are available via PM, if you should have any questions regarding the rules or posting regulations!***

1) Please, NO multiple postings of the same item. Either “BUMP” your old one or delete the old one when you post the new one.

2) “BUMP” means leave a comment on your post! Everytime you comment on your post, it “BUMPS” all other posts down and yours to the top of the page! BUMP = Bring Up My Post

3) “BUMPS” are permitted, once every “4” days! Unless, you are responding to another members’ question!

4) Any post that has not been commented on for 30 days, will be considered “STALE” and will be subject for removal!

5) We will not permit any trading of goods that are NOT in hand! Due to confrontation and the fear of disappointment, we can’t and will not encourage the trading of items that you do not have on your person! ie: You can’t trade an item away that you do not yet own or have not yet acquired!

6) Admins are NOT responsible for bad trades. It is buyer beware. It is your responsibility to make sure the item you are receiving in trade, is in good working order. It does not apply to items that you are trading that states that it is a “project” or otherwise “not working”.

7) If you do wind up making a bad trade, please try to solve the issue thru PM's with the person you traded with and NOT on these trade boards. You are only damaging your own reputation and not the person whom you are trying to solve the issue with.

8)“Douchebaggery” will NOT be tolerated! All members need to respect other members with respect! Neglecting to do so, can result in the removal of members. This site is designed to be enjoyed, let’s enjoy it!

9) NO POSTING LINKS to other groups! Please keep these boards open for trading only! The only exceptions are posts for lost, stolen or missing items/pets/people or to conduct GOOD NEIGHBOUR behaviors!

10) This is a BARTER site! Please keep discussions of CASH, off the posts! If you wish to offer other members CASH, we encourage you to do so through PM’s!

11) Firearms: We allow them to be traded here, all we ask is that you make sure the person you are trading to, is properly licenced and as for Pellet guns, BB guns, Air soft guns: Please make sure that the person you are trading with is 19+

12) Alcohol: Please make sure what you are trading is factory sealed. Any home made products will be deleted from the page right away. Also, please make sure the person you are trading with is 19+

13) Posts belong to the poster. If you try to hijack another person’s thread, expect to have your comments removed and possibly your posting rights

14) Please ensure, that you have your profiles set up to receive PM’s from other members

15) No advertising of any kind will be permitted.

16) No Profanity !