Kaohsiung Musicians 高雄音樂家

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Find new band members, old instruments, open mics and fast friends!

Kaohsiung Musicians is the place to promote your music, sell your gear and chat with like-minded people and help work together to make the scene thrive.

This is a brand new group and is designed to expand and evolve over the upcoming days, weeks and months. We'd love you to share ideas for what you would like to see in it, as well as invite musical friends to join in.


Are you looking to start a band? Use Kaohsiung Musicians to find that vital member to add to your group.


Find the perfect place to record your music.


Boost your skills or advertise your coaching.


Locate the best live venues in town for great shows. Here's a listing:

Paramount Bar 百樂門酒館
-Chinese address: 高雄市三民區民族一路70號
-English address: No. 70, Minzu 1st Road, Sanmin District
-Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/DP3cN
-Facebook link: www.facebook.com/paramount.bar


Get the gang together, book a room and jam! Here's a listing of places to practice:

Room 2 Music 貳館音樂
-Chinese address: 高雄市中正三路127號三樓
-English address: 3F, No. 127, Zhongzheng 3rd Road, Xinxing District
-Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/Sc7e5
-Facebook link: www.facebook.com/pages/Room2Music-KH/222662091125190

★Open Mic:

Do you want to perform live? Here's a listing of Open Mic Nights:

THURSDAYS: Black Dog Pub 黑狗酒吧
-Chinese address: 高雄市允文街142號,
-English address: No. 142-1, Yunwen Street, Lingya District
-Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/Xe35P
-Facebook link: www.facebook.com/BlackDogPub.KHH

THURSDAYS: Macaca 馬卡卡美式酒館
-Chinese address: 高雄市新興區民生一路160號
-English address: No. 160, Minsheng 1st Road, Sinsing District
-Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/OFGGO
-Facebook link: www.facebook.com/MACACA2009

FRIDAYS: Rocks 岩石音樂
-Chinese address: 高雄市鹽埕區莒光街219號地下一樓
-English address: B1, No. 219, Juguang Street, Yancheng District
-Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/x7EQ2
-Facebook link: www.facebook.com/pages/Rocks-岩石音樂/299848316725349


Don't be shy... let your hair down, and sing your heart out at the best KTV spots in town!


Do you want to buy or sell an instrument? Post inside this group and Bob's your uncle. Or buy from a store listed here:

Superlux Music World 舒伯樂樂器.錄音世界
-Chinese address: 台灣自由二路96號高雄市
-English address: No. 96, Ziyou 2nd Road, Zuoying District
-Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/NLmgL
-Facebook link: www.facebook.com/groups/superluxlux

--------------------In Chinese 中文--------------------

找團員,二手樂器,認識朋友及open mics!!