EFTMRA, previously 'Karl's Brighton Crew' is a closed group strictly for EFT and/or Matrix Reimprinting practitioners who have trained directly with EFT Master Karl Dawson or with the EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Academy. It is designed as a continuation of the atmosphere at those trainings.

This is a safe haven for organising swap sessions and for posting messages of support, questions, news of good days, bad days, celebrations of easy clients and cries for help with the ones that come with lessons attached (no names!) - in short anything you might want to share privately, with others who took exactly the same training to arrive here!

EDIT: There are only two rules.

Rule 1: Post what you like, celebrate yourself too, but do so from a spirit of open sharing and from your heart, not your wallet (blog posts are one thing, but 'calls to action' and links to sales pages will not often be welcomed wink emoticon

Rule 2: Recognise that those struggling with a little more ego will likely never read this, or rationalise it if they do, and that heart based posts which they might mistake as an invitation to feed their fear with pocket stuff, will be quietly and lovingly removed; with nothing personal meant.