Kashmiri Association Lucknow

All Kashmiri Pandits Of Lucknow/India & Globally are Welcome & are requested to write in this Forum about there views related to Kashmir & Kashmiri Pandit Biradari, This is an open forum and every Kashmiri Pandit who is over 18 years of age is invited and has Freedom of Speech but members are requested not to make personal remarks and comments on specific Person, Post Or Organizations etc. on this forum as they will be deleted by the admin. Further, don't post any controversial and matter that has a copyright/ patent rights, if posting any such matter on the forum then please mention its source too.
Our FB Id Kashmiri Association Lucknow is Authorised by Kashmiri Association Lucknow (KAL) , This is (Face Book) Public forum for sharing Knowledge, Events, Discussions, General Awareness Bringing community feeling & togetherness so that We start Knowing & Loving each other with better communication etc.
This forum is not meant for any type of Legal Activity eg. Notices Or Obligations related to KAL Or is not responsible for updating all the day to day activities of KAL. Or is not responsible for working of KAL etc.

Our basic intention is to help our community Grow and people to get together and work in the Positive manner to help Our Community and bring Peace, Humanity & Prosperity for our community & country. Lets Make this world the better Place to Live with Harmony & Love.