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Stephen Watts Kearny High School
7651 Wellington Way | San Diego, CA 92111
Phone (858) 496-8370 | Fax (858) 496-4494
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The use of "Kearny Senior High" was during the 40s and 50s when Kearny was a "Junior-Senior" High School. Kearny Junior High and Kearny Senior High were on the same campus.

Most common high school names Used By Classmates & alumnus

Kearny Senior High 97% Use name
Stephen Watts Kearny High School 1% Use name
Kearny High New Jersey 75% show NJ but mean San Diego
Kearny High San Diego
Kearny High
Kearney High San Diego (Typing error (e) before y

The Class Groups are hosted by:
Cynthia Naanes
Group control is shared by classmates to ensure longevity of the group.

Group Classmates, Cynthia Naanes, Alumni President Stephen Grooms

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