Kebra Nagast Party

This group is created for Ethiopian's and none ethiopians who support the restoration of the Ethiopian monarchy, as well as it is a reflection of the Kebra Nagast Party, a party that hopes to bring understanding and solutions to communities of different back grounds outside of ethiopia as well as share and re-energise the thoughts of our own peoples through the young voices of this generation in order to bring back the sufficient ways of the old for our own collective benefits, our movement actively advocates and promotes the restoration of a constitutional monarchy or just the monarchy in any shape or form in Ethiopia, attempts of re-education and initiations of discussions surrounding history and Identity of the true characteristics that make up the original conception of the Empire of many I-tiopia is a starting point so we believe, a kingdom of heavenly gifts of information is readily available for peoples of every kind to look into in order to include everybody/oneself in the promise of the ethiopian core value that is visibly there in the ways of the past and CULTURE which is partly forgotten today.