The 30-Day is a combination of shake days and cleanse days. The shake days consist of two shakes (choc. or vanilla) healthy snacks, and a 400-600 low glycemic balanced meal. The cleanse days consist of a cleansing beverage and some snack wafers that come in you pack (and a couple other supplement type things). It is a cellular cleanse not a colonic cleanse (meaning, you will not have to tie yourself to the potty) You can customize your shake vs cleanse schedule based on what works for you (i.e. I normally like to cleanse on Monday and/or Thursdays). Think of this as a re-boot of your system. You're packing you body full of healthy, all natural, nutrients, minerals, etc. while cleansing out the toxins/impurities to help you body work at it's peak level. It's a 'Challenge', because it requires discipline. The first week and cleanse is tough as your body adjusts, but, the subsequent days/weeks are much easier and SUPER rewarding. You will absolutely lose weight/inches and results within a 30 day challenge are generally very impressive. Most people are especially impressed with the impact to visceral tummy fat. Better yet, you will not crave, or even want the bad stuff, you will have a ton of energy and WILL realize great results!

The 30-Day System pack includes everything you need for the 'Challenge': Cleansing Liquid, Shakes, Natural Accelerator (helps boost metabolism), IsaFlush (Support digestion), (Ionix Supreme (Helps manage stress and increase mental/physical performance naturally), Snacks, some misc. samples, ETC.

The 30-day challenge starter pack costs $269 plus some initial set-up fees and shipping (Totals about $300). I know it sounds expensive, but, I look at it as a re-allocation of grocery money as you will be shopping about 1/3 as much for yourself during the challenge:) Month one averages out to about $10/day or $70/week. You of course can buy the starter pack again after your first 30 days, but, products are available individually as well. For instance, many people go into more of a maintenance mode buying shakes each month to fit their lifestyle and maybe some of the snack bars for healthy snacking, etc. A shake canister is $39 (for 14 shakes).

If you're interested, I would facilitate an online account for you and place your initial order with you credit card. From there, you'll have a password, etc. and can order items as you need. I of course am happy to help.