Kelly Jo's F & W Animal Rescues

Hi, this Group was created for Kelly Jo Fithian Wicker by her freinds because we love her and these animals.

Kelly has a 50 acre farm located in Owensville, IN. She has eight horses, one Donkey, five pigs, dogs and cats. Plus, Kelly has a lovely lake loaded with blue gill, bass, and Catfish.

Kelly is part of the Heartland Equine Rescue and has been for 3 years. She helps rehab horses that are in need and has a permanent resident horse, Kuri who could not be adopted out due to her age.

Kelly also saved a pig named Petunia, all her hooves fell off due to poor nutrition. All the pigs at the farm were rescues of some sort!!

Kelly works at Toyota and spends all her sparetime, and money taking care of these animals because she truly loves them with all her heart.

These are lovely animals that all children like. Any, kind of help or gift contributions, would be appreciated. Oats, pig feed, hay, and shaving too!

For more info on anyone wants to help Contact by facebook: Kelly Jo Fithian Wicker, Susan Goings Morse, Melissa Robb or myself Dee Flick (Bachelder) @ [email protected] Or [email protected] Thank you very much.

To see horses up to adoption at Heartland Equine, please visit us on Facebook:

Lots of pictures to come! Cannot wait to here from everyone! Peace Out!