Kentucky Off-Roaders KY

The Kentucky Off-Roaders is a state affiliated Corporation of KY, operating 100% non-profit; and federally recognized as a 501 C 3 sanctioned organization operating under a body of board of directors. The membership of this group is open to any Kentucky off-road rider (resident or otherwise visiting KY) with a dirt bike, sxs of any kind, 4-wheeler, jeep, buggy, crawler, truck... Etc. Welcome... Share your favorite place to ride, secrets to 4x4 rigging, private sales (at a minimum, business related information and KY down home conversations about our favorite past time.

Be sure to review the files section for a list of all of KY's ORP.

THIS IS NOT A SALE PAGE! Do not list your for sale items in this group. A one time post per person is permitted if you are selling a true off-road vehicle only! (Jeep, UTV, ATV, truck)

***************MUST READ*******************

1. VENDORS - We do have vendors posting, if you are a vendor running a sale, you may post on Wednesdays... I do keep up with the reasonable rates on most 4x4 items, if you do not offer a good rate to these members, I will delete your post.

2. STATUS - We operate on a board of directors status, with 25 officers and adhere to bylaws filed within our articles of incorporation in the state of KY.

3. MEMBERSHIP- You may achieve 'registered' membership, please review our files section within the groups page and the slide show provided for more information on the details of this group. All other individuals are considered basic membership status and do not have voting privilege at the quarterly meetings.

4. OTHER GROUPS - The KY Off-Roaders Corp. is a representative of KY and the trails provided for ORV tourism. All "sub groups" or social media groups may post their happenings within this network. We will do all we can to help you with promoting your area, parks, Events and the interest of off-roading.

You may NOT post:
-Events conflicting with fund raiser events listed on this network.
- threatening and/or "competitive" group joining invitations. We are here to help you have the ability to ride and keep our state open to ORPs without fear of closing. taxing, and control... do not jeopardize other individuals of the opportunity in supporting this cause!
-we all have the smart-ass bone within us, it's part of the love fr this hobby, but do not exceed the boundaries of respect on a common sense ground to any of the members of this group. I will not tolerate a bully!!!
- we do have children in this group.... keep posts verbally sensible and no nudity posted what so ever!

*********We do own business rights to this organization, it is a legal operating company of the state of KY; you may not use any item of affiliation of the KY Off-Roaders for purposes other than granted by its board of directors; it is so deemed the property of and reserves all trademark and copyrighting laws of such.