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Over the years, the question of poetry has puzzled many minds great and low alike. However a conclusion to its definition remains a mystery and has never been accurately reached. Not because people have not attempted to propose its meaning, but that its beauty, wideness in scope, simplicity (or complexity) cannot be confined to a few words or rather to one person’s opinion.

If everyone was to think of what poetry is, many would come up with different perceptions which may not necessarily be contradicting, though each person would look at other definitions as either incomplete or restricting but all the same true.

When appreciating poetry or eating it up, we don’t stop at the subject matter, physical appearance, tone, mood, rhyme scheme or attitude, we go ahead or beyond and feel its texture, inhale its scent, listen to its language and relate the poem structure, language and message to our own personal biases and coin out a meaning.

Please be advised that we do not recommend posting of nakedly erotic material on this page for the diversity of the audience present here.

Enjoy connecting with fellow poets and poetry lovers.