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Do not post any advertisements as replies to postings, you may get banned from the group.
This is a group to discuss issues faced by startups and SMEs. This facilitate network of professionals to help startups. You may meet people with ideas, people with seed money to move on the ideas, people who provides incubation facilities, etc. This is not a place to solve or discuss socio-economic problems or political and religious issues. We focus on issues that can be managed by professionals in this group. Issues which are not in our control can be discussed outside this group.

Group Members Please follow the Group rules while posting

"The Following are accepted”

• Important information related to Business of the individual Members
• Important information related to changes in Startups/Tax laws/Banking/Finance/HR or any info which Encourages/Effects the business.
• Information related to Kerala Startups Events.
• Information related to business events/Conferences throughout the world
• Information related to achievements and success stories of the members
• Relevant Questions related to business and business development
• At the time of introduction members can promote their business by writing about their activity

"The following are not accepted"

• Religious discussions/Festival wishes etc
• Promoting any Political party in the forum.
• Asking for donations ( what ever the cause may be)
• Frequent repetition of any AD/Product Promotion• Spamming
• Quotes/Forwarded messages/Links published elsewhere ( If the member feels the info is useful can cut & Paste on the wall with due credit to the author and Own comments on the posting)
• Political discussions and criticism on any politician