Kernersville Online Yard Sale

This group is for the purpose of selling and buying goods in the area of Kernersville and surrounding areas.

*Please read the description below before posting to this group.*

**Buyers and Sellers are responsible for their own transactions**

#1. This is intended for Kernersville residents and surrounding cities. People selling from Kernersville are not required to meet any buyers from other cities with their goods. You will need to make arrangements with them when and if you purchase an item. Be ready to pick up. If you are selling from surrounding areas you must be willing to meet in Kernersville. Now I realize that certain items are to large to put in your car and drive to a meeting location. For these large items just please put the location in the description of the item and the buyer can make the determination if they want to travel to get the item.

#2. Please spread the word with your friends.

#3. Post a picture with the item that you want to sell at the same time. You must put a price along with the picture and a brief description of what the item is. If an item is posted without a visible price the post will be deleted. Post your price in the comments section. You can not state to *MAKE OFFER*. This is suppose to be a simple yard sale..I want everyone to be able to browse down the page without having to click on anything..unless of course you are interested and want to comment.

#4. Do not post everything you are selling in an actual yard sale, this is intended for people with a few items they are wanting to sell.

#5. You may NOT re-post an item, it will be deleted if you do so.

#6. Once an item has SOLD and is picked up by the buyer, delete the item so others will know that it is unavailable.

#7. No land, home or commercial sales.

#8. Sales from businesses will not be accepted, private sellers only.

#9. You may post and request a specific item you are looking for.

i.e. I am looking for a inexpensive doghouse,
does anyone have one to sale?

#10. Do not post links.

#11. Do not post work from Home ads or other SPAM, if you cant physically touch the item no not post it for sale.

#12. When an agreement is made between the buyer and seller please update the post with "Pending Sale" once the item has been sold please delete the post.

#13. Only 1 "bump" per 24 hrs.

#14. Once added to the group please like the pinned post on the wall, confirming that you have read the rules. failure to like the post within 7 days may result in removal.

I will send you the following message

"I am one of the admins of the Kernersville Online Yard sale Facebook page, before I approve your entrance into the group can you please let me know what area you are from as this group is designed for members of the surrounding areas of Kernersville. This may already be on your profile but since we are not Facebook friends I'm not able to see."

check your "others" folder in your messages Thanks Admin