Kidapawan Online Businesses (Kidapawan Business Sale)

is the BEST and #1 Buy and Sell Facebook group in Kidapawan City where everyone can post their products, their needs, and offer some of their services.You can help us in making this community healthy for all Kidapawenos . Your effort is highly appreciated.

PLEASE READ the rules and regulations, I would like you to inform you that we will not be accepting any request if you don't have at least 5 mutual friends in the group. This is to regulate the group and filter all the spammers in the group. We hope you understand guys. And so we encourage you to let your friends be added in the group so that you could be one of the members. Default Picture should be your face, not animated pictures. Thank you! GOD BLESS! SHALOM!


Member who will not follow this, AD will be DELETED or will be BANNED.

1. Whenever you are asked, answer politely. You don’t need to answer sarcastically. If you don’t like the question, then don’t answer it.
2. Please include on your post the PRICE, DETAILS AND CONTACT #.
3. No PORNS or NAKED Pictures.
4. No HighJackers(Posting unrelated comments on a Post / SULUTON ang buyers sa post sa SELLER / MERCHANDISER.
5. Please Respect the Buyers and Sellers
6. NO BAD WORDS PLEASE, businessmen and businesswomen are PROFESSIONALS, so ACT LIKE PROFESSIONAL. ANY BAD WORDS seen (AD will be deleted)
7. If you are selling RELATED items( Shoes, Phones, Bags, and etc.), make an album.