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Kilimani Mums Online Guidelines

This page is for supportive discussions about pregnancy, birth, parenting and family life.
Dads are also welcome, and so are people who do not live in the Kilimani area .

Please do NOT post items for sale or services offered here. This can be posted onto the Mums Marketplace Nairobi page where you can post adverts for items for sale and wanted as well as services offered.•

This group is intended to be a safe, sane and supportive platform for all members. This means no attacks on others on account of religion, race, tribe, gender and other such characteristics, no victim shaming, no insults - basically, be nice. If you struggle with that, admins will be happy to assist you with a few days outside the group to see if that helps.

Please put your entire text in the post - anything that promises 'continued in the comments' will be removed.

No general-purpose posts on 'It's shocking, SHOCKING - I can't understand how anyone can be a second wife/mistress/girlfriend' and/or 'Here, first wives, suck it'. If it's a genuine family issue, feel free to ask for advice.

Please refrain from posting complaints about your deleted post. It just creates more clutter on the page that needs to be cleaned up. Contact the admin instead.

NO REQUESTS FOR DONATIONS of any kind allowed except for breast milk or life-saving blood. (We understand there are genuine causes and situations that need immediate assistance, but we must function on the cautious side to reduce the risk of the site being used by scam-artists.)

NO EMPLOYMENT posts shall be allowed with the exception of children’s nannies.

Please use your common sense before hiring anyone based on what you read here. We encourage you to ask for and investigate references before hiring someone or using a service provider. • Please take reasonable measures to protect your safety and privacy when posting to the group or participating in an exchange. Respecting others’ privacy and opinions both on and off-line, shall be maintained by all members. •

There will be absolutely NO tolerance of trolls and of persons who demean women in any way whatsoever. We expect all exchanges to be supportive.

The views and opinions posted here are from individuals and may not be the views or opinions of the administrators of Kilimani Mums.

By joining the group, you agree to hold neither the administrators nor anyone affiliated with Kilimani Mums responsible or liable for any circumstances whatsoever, resulting from an on-line exchange or communication, either directly or indirectly.
Transactions are between individual members and will not be mediated or arbitrated by administrators, moderators, or representatives.
The Admins reserve the right to delete posts and remove people from the group at any time.

Contact: [email protected]