Kindle Review Exchange

This group is for getting your E-book started with *POSITIVE 5 STARS* reviews!
You can freely ask for a *POSITIVE 5 STARS* review exchange for your new Kindle E-books.

We DO NOT want to abuse the system.

The aim here is not to scam people, but to get your new book started with good reviews.
Too many "fake" reviews on Kindle and:
1. Books will be in much lower quality
2. Buyers will stop buying books from independent writers.
3. Amazon will change the way review and reviewers are treated, and will update their search engine algorithm. It happened with Google after SEO abuse, it can happen here.

In order to prevent abuse, here are the rules.


1. NO double posts about the same book.
2. NO more than 2 books per week (but you can reply for exchange in posts made by others).
3. 7 is King. Do not review, ask for a review, or accept a review exchange if a book already have 7 or more positive reviews.
4. If someone asked for an exchange and got 7 replies, DO NOT REPLY (and don't pm)!
5. If you get a PM for an exchange, and it is for a book that clearly already have enough reviews, please notify the Admin.
6. keep your end of the exchange. if someone isn't doing so, please notify the Admin.
7. See "How to Use" before you write a post.

*Mistakes can happen. In case of repeat deliberate violation of the rules, users will be banned.

be good to one another,
Clyde Kindle


How to Use:
When asking for a book review exchange, start by stating clearly how many reviews you're looking for. For example- If your book already have 3 positive reviews, state that you're looking for 4 review.
A post should look something like this:
-Looking for 4 review-exchanges-
My book *insert name of book here* is out and I would like a review exchange
*link to book if you want, or you can contact the responders via pm*
After 4 people have commented on that post, that's it.

If you have a few positive reviews, and allot of bad reviews, trying to get fake reviews is a bad idea. Instead, try to Improve your book or take it off completely.