kitsap WOMAN THINGS ONLY buy sell n trade

This Group is for the sale or trade of things for woman ONLY ple...ase.
No children's/Juniors or baby things on here.
Feel free to post woman clothing as well as other woman's goodies NEW UNUSED make up hair stuff pampering goods etc..

You MUST include (NOT in the comments section)
1) The price of each item
2)description such as size smoking/pets
3) Your location and as a courtesy where you are willing to meet.

An album is no longer required HOWEVER every 30 days all wall posted photos will be deleted. Album posted photos labeled with your name and the current month will not be.

You are only allowed to BUMP your item/Album once a week. Do not comment on an individual item just to BUMP it.

Direct sales or small business adds:
You will be allowed to post ONE TIME each week for your business, this Day will be Mondays... So if you sell Scentsy, Mary Kay, Jamberry, Younique, Jewelry in Candles, Jewel Scent, Have a home business etc... Only post on MONDAYS all other posts on other days will be deleted without warning.

You are not allowed to post:
appliances, dishes,lawn things mowers weed eaters etc,and for the most part furniture...however decor stuff is fine u get the idea feel free to post what you think meets these standards if i disagree I will give you a chance to remove the post before I do.

If you are found to have blocked an admin you will be removed & band from the group and lister as buyer beware on the feedback group.

Lastly, The moderators are not baby sitters please do not bring your Drama to them, deal with it as Adults. There will be a list under the files section where NO SHOWS, Bad Sellers, Bad Buyers will be listed. please keep these posts limited only to transactions from this page.

Thanks and Happy Selling/Buying/Trading.