Kizomba-Semba DC

The DC capital region was introduced to Kizomba through workshops at the DC and Bachata congresses by Shaka Brown and Luz Rodriguez, both Lisbon style adepts.

Oscar B.A., DC's Kizomba Ambassador was the first instructor to offer regular Kizomba classes in the DC capital region. In addition KiandaT who has trained extensively over the past 3 years with Petchu & Vanessa and Ricardo & Paula of Afro - Latin Connection in Portugal also offers classes and workshops in the area. The DC community has had workshops by a number of visiting teachers such as Ian Craddock, Eddie Vents, Ivo Vieira, Ricardo & Paula, Miguel Montiero & Susana Amando, Paulo & Lanna, Jamba & Lily and several others. Also hosting 2 Kizomba festivals throughout the year Sawa Sawa Kizomba Festival and The White House Kizomba Summit.

Chegou a Hora, Boa gente- it's time for DC to have it's own Kizomba-Semba meeting place. So come forward those of you that are interested- zoukeiros, salseros, bachateros, milongueros, forrozeiros and anyone else that enjoys dancing and let the joy, flow and sensuality of Kizomba enter your souls and move your bodies! 'Bora a Kizombar, pessoal!!!