Kizomba-Semba Kigali

Welcome Kizombeiros!

Kizomba-Semba Kigali is the Kigali, Rwanda area's première Kizomba group. We strive to grow the Kizomba community in the Kigali area and contribute to the Kizomba world movement. Join us in learning the foundations of Kizomba, dancing Kizomba at social parties, and sharing your enthusiasm for this lovely dance.

Brief History on the... Origin of Kizomba:

Kizomba is an Afro-Portuguese dance form which originated in Angola in the late 80s from Semba and other Angolan folk dances, but adapted to the slower -tempoed Zouk music. From there it spread to Portugal, where it expanded to include influences from Tango, Salsa, Coladeira and other Afro-Latin dance forms.

As a result of this spread, there are two broad, mutually interchangeable styles of Kizomba- the Luso-Africano/Lisbon style, and the Kizo-Semba/Angolan style. You can find excellent examples of each style in the posted videos. The Lisbon style in particular has spread like the proverbial wildfire throughout Europe and other parts of the world, and is only now reaching the US. The DC capital region has been introduced to Kizomba through workshops at the DC and Bachata congresses by Shaka Brown and Luz Rodriguez, both Lisbon style adepts.

Chegou a Hora, Boa gente- it's time for DC to have it's own Kizomba-Semba meeting place. So come forward those of you that are interested- zoukieros, salseros, bachateros, milongeros, forrozeiros and let the joy, flow and sensuality of Kizomba enter your souls and move your bodies!