Klickitat County Washington Beauty

Changes to: GUIDELINES AND GROUP DESCRIPTION. Welcome to all who love Klickitat County, Washington. Read below before posting.
Inviting all the folks who live in or who love to visit Klickitat County, WA to come join this group and share your part of the county. My goal is multi pronged... a meeting place to share the many different parts of our beautiful county, for several reasons:

1). To get to know more people scattered around the county

2). A place for local photographers to meet up and learn from each other, and share photos

3). A place for county residents to see images from different areas and get inspired to get out there and discover more of our own area.

4). A place to have some interesting discussions about things we find, perhaps some history involved, memories shared.

1). Every member can post a photo or discussion directly to the page to share, or start a discussion about some part of the county.

2) Please add locations and dates or rough time period at least to your photos

3) add one photo at a time with description, or share an album posted on your own page with a public setting.

however lets keep politics and such things out of this group please.

Come join in the fun if you are in or like to visit in Klickitat County Washington! We have a beautiful county with views of various mountains, and it stretches from the green White Salmon River Valley, includes the Klickitat River Valley (both of which are wild and scenic rivers), and stretches way east past Roosevelt and Bickleton, in the dryer Columbia Plateau country.

Klickitat County in southern Washington State is unusual in that it is a long narrow strip of land stretching from the White Salmon River in the foothills of the Cascades; eastwards along the Columbia River into the Columbia Plateau of Eastern Washington.
Featuring many lovely loop roads through various parts of the county, the terrain and views of several mountains and rivers seem endless and wonderful. From mossy green lush forests, through Ponderosa Pine forests, Oak savannah, and into Eastern Washington Plateau and scab lands, the county has a wide range of climates and communities. The North line of the County lies mostly in higher elevation mountainous country of the Southern Washington Cascade Mountains, while the southern edge along the Columbia is not too far above Sea Level.
This rural land is full of wonderful salt of the earth people, creative artists, and hard working farmers and loggers, fishermen, orchardists, outdoor recreation specialists, small business owners of a large variety, and now includes Tech support businesses as well. Superb little cafes and museums, beautiful bed and breakfasts, rafting, bicycling, motor biking, old car events, snowmobiling, water sports, hiking, wildflowers, photography, camping, and so much more, are all possibilities in Klickitat county.