Konflict Talks

1. All CAPS indicate shouting or emphasis. Ki...ndly stick to normal case and normal font as much as possible.
2. Abuse to anyone is strict NO-NO.
3. The aim is to improve the quality and openness of discussion in all the political, socio-economic and legal matter. We will be giving a lot of freedom, including freedom to question any idea or belief. Religions, politics and other belief systems are no exception.
4. Owner or Admins are in no way responsible for views expressed by member. Self moderation is the expected behaviour. Admins will only take charge of the situation if it seems to be going out of the hand.
5. Do not troll by posting irrelevant, inconclusive, provocative remarks just to invite retaliation. This often derails a good conversation leading to mindless flame wars. This can result in strict action including bans.
6. Do provide the relevant reliable source in case of presenting any facts or news reports.
7. Please do not spam tag members.
8. All members are STRICTLY instructed not to block any admins. If you block any of the admins or restrict their message options, you'll invite a ban
9. Please feel free to message any admin for any complaints. .
10. It is expected from all members to try to maintain peace, respect everyone and their views and use printable words in their conversation