Krazy Kountry Folk

Be Respectful
No Racism
No Share For Shares,meaning do not promote your pages with mine.
Buying and selling is alright if its not business related.

All ages welcome all ages which I think to have a Facebook is 16. The only page I own that is 18 and up is Country.Redneck.Rebels.Singles

We are like a family here in all BigStribs Powered groups. Unlike some groups that say they are family but then let bashing happen.

All posts need to be approved by me or any admins that are in the groups that I run. Why has my post not gone through? It is because of the content of the post or we have not been able to approve it at that time. We all have lives and if we were paid we would most certainly be right at it. But we do our best so just be patient. Please remember....we would like to see country related posts on our page. Selfies are okay but please don't overdue it. If we see 30 selfies we will delete them.

I do not have many guideline for BigStribs Powered groups because who likes them? These rules set in place allow the pages to grow.

Most importantly is to have fun meet people and enjoy the content posted by others. Any Violations can result in a automatic ban.