Kuroko no Basket Fanpage

My posts would 50% be my OTP, KiKasa, KagaKuro, MuraHimu, MidoTaka, AkaFuri, AoKuro, KagaAo, KiyoHyuu and AoMomo, 25% normal,15% would be my personal KuroBasu collections and 10% other ships.

First of all, we have our rules..

(1)Listen to me no matter what and please don't piss me off.

(2)Use only English or Japanese in communicating with the other members like in comments and in the captions of posted pictures.

(3)Sharing porn videos, porn sites and pictures or other unnecessary shit is prohibited.

(4)This is not a dating site so strictly, no flirting.

(5)Don't share personal information like cellphone and telephone number, email address and personal home or workplace address, if you want to get to know someone then please send it through private message.

(6)Don't advertise your products, this is not Amazon.com.

(7)Don't ask the members to like pages or picture, add you or join another group, we are not slaves.

( 8 ) I don't really mind if the members wouldn't be able to be super active but still you could at least visit once in a while.

And my personal recommendations..

1. Don't share inaccurate information like release dates.
2. Talk to me if you have clarifications, problems, violent reactions about fucking shit things, don't worry I'll handle it all.
3. You can bad mouth. It's really fine.
4. Add credits to the artist when you want to post pictures you don't own.
5. Try to spell the characters' names. I saw someone calling Kuroko, "Koruku", Guys please---LMAO

And also, if you happen to be a fan..please join the other groups. ovo But, don't push yourselves, it's not really compulsory.

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For Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Fans

Thank you everyone. ouo