LGBT India - Hangout

Welcome to LGBT INDIA (Hangout)

This is a Party/Date planning group for the Indian LGBTQ community, their friends, family and supporters (of course, outsiders are welcome too).

Important(Please read before posting)

Some rules we follow:
- Posts and/or Ads regarding vulgarity, paid sex, hatred, violence, drugs, and irrelevant content/products/events will be deleted immediately.
- Educational content and party/event ads related to the cause however, are allowed. But please use discretion.
- Posts with personal contact information/phone numbers will be deleted. Please use private messaging for such.
- Posts should be made in English for comfort of all users.
- Do not create a scene here. This isn't a drama club. Keep it clean.
- Above all: Be sensible, be reasonable, and be responsible.

Guidelines for requesting a date and/or replying (General posting rules apply):
- New hangout/session/dating requests go into new posts. Replies to requests in comments. Do not comment on someone else's post advertising your own.
- You need to be 16+ years old, and mention your gender role, and orientation for the sake of clarity (if required, e.g. dating).
- Always ask for permission before messaging in private.
- Be polite. Be open-minded. Everyone has their own opinion.

Some rules might seem a little complicated at first. Don’t let that intimidate you. We, the admins, will always help and give a warning in most cases. Healthy debates are allowed, however creating a scene, repeating despite warnings, spamming, and/or causing problems here will get you banned immediately.

In case of any problems in the group, such as inappropriate posts and rude behaviour, please tag the admins in the post. The current admins are:
Nisha Sharma -
Gauri Narayanan -
Ria Yukihana Cherry -

Have fun!

Hangout is a Sub-group of LGBT India: