Leonard's Grant Home Owners

Leonard's Grant Subdivision, Leonardtown, Md. If you are a homeowner in the subdivision, a tenant, a future homeowner, family member, an employee of QBHI -- you are eligible to join.

This page is a forum where LG Homeowners and residents can discuss common issues, events and activities. QBHI employees & HOA board members are invited to participate to provide the opportunity for productive dialogue among all parties.

This page is NOT an official HOA site, although issues that concern the HOA surface from time to time. The FB group has 4 moderators, all volunteers who reside in LG.

Legitimate links and posts are welcomed. Spam will be deleted immediately.

A few important contact numbers/emails:

Police Non-Emergency:

HOA information:

Pet Finder Info:

Animal Control-301-475-8018
After Hours Animal Control-301-475-8016
Tri-County Animal Shelter-1-800-903-1992