Local Indie Game Devs

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away...

The Independent Games Festival in 2010 saw three entries in the main competition from India. This marked the start of a new indie game revolution. Thusly, the Local Indie Game Dev group was formed, where a nation-wide community of people making games can come, share and discuss together.

As a developer community, we are more inclined towards content accompanied with personal insights on game development. Therefore,

- Users are requested not to treat this simply as a gamers group by posting promotions of their or others games and media.
- Feel free to share what other games and devs are doing and what you find really cool, but accompany it with a brief note on why you are sharing it or why you think its cool. Context helps.
- Posts about your development experiences or queries about development will be well entertained and are heavily encouraged.
- While you can also look out to collaborate with other indie developers, we do not accept job postings and freelance requirements. In our experience, if you share your project details and if people come to know and like it, you will know from your interactions with them who to contact.
- Have fun, but not at others expense. Respect everyone's opinion and try to be constructive. If any member is wilfully destroying the fabric of the group, then remember that he/she can be kicked for a while and can also be banned permanently depending on the admins discretion.

Welcome to the pit.