Washington NC Online Yardsale.

This is an online yard sale site. These are simple rules, easy t...o follow please read them.


1. When you post something for sale please indicate Price of
such item.
2. Try to give as much detail about item as possible, makes it
easier for buyers.
3. This is not an advertising page. As of recently I've had to add this rule. No get
rich fast, get skinny fast ads. they take up too much space this is a yard sale
site people looking to get skinny or rich will join a get skinny or get rich page
thank you.


1. You must be willing to meet in the Washington area.
2. If you are interested put interested in the post.....Tags, and
questions will not assume you are interested and necessarily
give you dibs on an item.
3. This is a first come first serve site. treat it as if you are some ones house on
Saturday morning. If you want an item get it, if not the next person will and
the seller does not have to hold for anytime.

That is all. Have fun, be courteous. I will not micromanage this site I opened it for the public.