Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine

House Rules:

- In the spirit of being badass bitches who make ...stuff happen: As of now, if you post anything in this group apologizing or asking permission to post or my personal pet hate "admin remove this if it isn't appropriate, but I need help with.." , it will be deleted.
Back yourself and back each other. We are all here to collaborate, learn through each others experience and to take over the world (obviously!). So BACK A BITCH UP and let's create change. Starting now.

- If you don't like the word "bitches" don't use it. If you're really uncomfortable about it, you should self-select out.

- No solicitation. We definitely encourage you to promote your business and we're here to discuss and help, but no one should feel pressured to buy or use your services.

- Before sharing someone's contract or introducing that person, always ask for permission from said person.

- If you are interested in running your own LMBDW side events or starting a new chapter (i.e. in a location that does not currently have events) as an ambassador, please email

A group for like minded entrepreneurial chicks to share experiences, offer support and seek help for their growing business empires. Opened to girl bosses and girls who want to start their own business. Founded Gen George (Skilld & OneShift) and Jane Lu (Showpo). Our values are clear: meeting likeminded bitches and wine.

Love, Jane Lu & Gen George x