Runner/Chaser Group (read description) Separated Twin Flames

Previously known as "Love Redefined - Twin Flame Chasers Support - The Separation Stage"

We are a support group specifically for those who have identified a specific individual as their "one-and-only true love" and "just can't get over them" no matter how much time has passes, or what they do to move on.

Most "separated twins" are fighting the urge to contact their "runner twin" despite their better judgement (or have been there). We help with this and other TF issues like grief and guilt, either by support or advise, usually with first hand experience of what works and what doesn't.

There are twins here who offer professional twin advise and services, but no one who professes to be a guru or expert in group. The vibe is a bit like the blind leading the blind. We are learning by our own journey and vicariously through each other. There are some previously separated twins here who have "Harmonized" lately which gives those still going through separation some real hope! We also have a couple runners which helps us understand the runner phenomena better. (We accept both runners and chasers).

You won't be added in the group until you complete the quiz.
-Submit request to join group
-Complete the quiz
-Message one of the admins (Angi, Penny B. Sheila G.) so we can then add you


If you are a pre-twin (meaning you are interested in twin information, but have not yet found your twin), here is a group specifically for that: