Low Vision Services in Pakistan

Low vision and refractive errors have profound impact on the quality of life. They are intrinsically linked with poverty, deprivation and marginalisation particularly in developing countries where accessibility and affordability are major challenges.

In Pakistan, there are 1.5 million adults with low vision and 150,000 children. The low vision services have been provided as part of comprehensive eye care at the tertiary level in Pakistan. However, the number of low vision facilities is limited at the secondary level and out of reach for the urban poor and those living in rural and remote areas.

This group relates to the low vision services offered in Pakistan and all professionals(optometrists, refractionists and other primary eye care workers) are welcome to join the group.

The purpose of the group is to have a common but informal forum for professionals working in the area of low vision where they can share their experiences and expertise with each other and facilitate a cross-learning environment.

Group Photo Credit: Jamshyd Masud
Copy Rights: Brien Holden Vision Institute