Keisha and Jada From The Block - Hangout With FSoJF Characters

The Block is a place where Book Lovers and Pop Culture collide. It's a virtual space to hang out, read and talk about a variety of interesting topics. On the Block, we discuss books and showcase and interview indie authors. We discuss what characters do to each other, and maybe what we'd like to do to the characters. ;)

Rules of THE BLOCK can be found in the Files Section. Please read and familiarize yourself with them. :)

Excerpts from my books and other creative ventures shared with THE BLOCK are also located in the Files Section. Read to your heart's content!

We welcome active participants!

To the dedicated readers: Thanks so much for sticking with me through my accident, my change of editors, my work schedule, my family illnesses and death, and ever-present writer's block, and my quest to reinvent myself as a writer. ~ LV