30's-50's Longview/Tyler area singles

We must be able to verify that you are:
#1 single
#2 between the ages of 30 & 59
#3 from the Tyler / Longview area

We will either do this by the information in your Facebook profile or one of the administrators of the group will send you a private message. (NOTE: if you are pending please check your other messages for the verification message.). Your membership will NOT be approved until this information is verified!

Men and Women in their 30's-50's that are single and want to get out and meet other singles in the area. We will host events where you can create friendships.

Must be single once becoming a member. If you become involved in a relationship where you become engaged, get married, or move in together at that time you must be removed from the group.

No negative posts or comments. All negative posts or comments will be removed.

(When a red flag ⛳ is posted, please note that the conversation is not following respectful content. Two red flags and comments will be deleted. Three red flags and entire post will be deleted.)

No advertising on our Facebook page. Definition of Advertising: The act or practice of calling public attention to "one's" product, service, need, etc. anything to be used for personal gain.

Our group hosts many events, most of the time at new places of interest. If it does not benefit the group, please refrain from posting.

No posts on religion or politics

Must respect everyone in the group

Must have a great time;)