Ladies Advertise Your Business

The aim of this group is to help give every woman the opportunity to advertise whatever field of endeavor that they are in daily. With the advance in technology, you do not need to be on the phone, sending emails,trying to share your brand and product. You can do this freely and conveniently in this forum.

This is a place where great and like minds connect. Are you a network marketer, an entrepreneur/trader/business woman , professional or even employed,this forum is the place to showcase what you represent. For people with skill, you are free to share them ,as this could help empower another lady who is in a cross road as to what business to start.

Our goal is to empower each other. Are you thinking of starting your own business? Tips in the forum will also help you in making up your mind. Ask questions on business decisions, and great minds in the group will not let you down .

For the professionals in this group,you are not left out as you can share your Career and why you think its the best because ,some ladies are thinking of going to school but need a direction as to the best course for them .As you advertise , your contact as well as pictures were possible will be of advantage. You can add other ladies.

When posting an advert,remember to add as much contact info as possible ie your phone number, BB pin,email address, facebook page links,website address and pictures where possible. PLEASE do not assume that one source of information is enough.


This group is not for any particular Nationality, and that is not the aim . We want every member to move from a local business to an international one .Therefore I would request that you tag prices in your local Currency as well as the global trading currency which is the Dollars. Also that our choice of words be business oriented. The world is a global village. Move from your traditional way of doing business to what can sell you internationally.

When posting your ads,please ensure to display every level of professionalism . That alone could turn your business around.

Please take your time to present your posts to captivate the reader.

PLEASE NOTE that for network marketers, ONLY PRODUCT AND SERVICE BASED companies/ adverts are allowed in this group.